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About Us
The latin word victus means to nourish.
We are a specialty plant nutrition company dedicated to understanding plant metabolism and utilizing our resource, knowledge in formulation and commercialization of nature friendly products for sustainable agriculture.
Our experience and expertise in agri-biotechnology and plant stress management helps us to provide crop solutions for climate smart farming in the era of climate change.
Study the rapidly advancing explosion of knowledge in plant biotechnology, plant nutrition, plant physiology, plant signalling networks, plant responses to abiotic and biotic stress. Develop and analyse new formulations, validate plant response and equip farmers for maximising yield in the era of climate change.
To be a pioneer in climate smart farming and maximizing yield sustainably. Offer nature friendly crop solutions based on recent advances in our understanding of the plant system for sustainable agriculture. Minimize the impact of intensive agriculture on the environment. Provide solutions for healthy living - pesticide residue free nutrient dense food.
Our Story
Created in 2001 for providing nutritional solutions for the poultry industry. Launched Lecion-V bionutrisorbants, Terminox-V antioxidants and Symbiont-V probiotics.
Diversified into agriculture based on the growing need for yield enhancing crop solutions. Launch of soil nutrient range - TeraBase and TeraCare. Foliar micronutrient MicroAid launched
Launch of foliar range - MicroJet and CalJet, surfactant based foliar nutritional solution for enhanced uptake. Launch of FloZiB - foliar nutrition based on zinc and boron for enhanced flower set.
Launch of L-α amino acid based stress management product - Celer. Nutritional elicitor based stress management product - Fortress launched. RootStim, a concentrated humic acid and amino acid product for healther root system launched. We become strategic consultants for AGRI INTEX, South India's largest international agri expo organized by CODISSIA.
Fortress Plus for abiotic and biotic stress management and PentaMag for managing high temperature stress launched. FolChel - alkaline bordaux compatible EDTA chelated micronutrient launched. 4R principle based crop growth stage specific NutriGel series for coffee, mango and vegetables launched.
NutriGel Emergence S1 for seed treatment and Initiate Crop Starter S2, a starter nutrition product launched. SoluMic - soluble micronutrient for drip, a fertigation product launched. TeraCare Liquid, a soil conditioner for acidic soils launched. Advanced Microbial Solutions, a company for nature friendly microbial products launched.