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Foliar secondary nutrient for balanced nutritional program.

Crop Growth Stage Specific Plant Nutrition - FOLIAR NUTRITION

CalJet A3 is a specialty plant nutrition product designed for foliar application to optimize plant productivity at specific growth stages of the crop. CalJet foliar program is to be applied alone or in combination with compatible nutritional products like FloZib, MicroJet, FolChel and PentaMag. CalJet foliar application is recommended during the crop growth stages - rapid vegetative growth (S3), flowering and fruiting (S4) and crop maturation (S5).

CalJet when applied at rapid vegetative growth (S3) alone or in combination with MicroJet / FloZib / FolChel increases nutrient efficiency resulting in enhanced plant vigor and shortens the time for flower set.

CalJet application at flowering (S4) alone or in combination with MicroJet / FloZib / FolChel increases the number of reproductive buds (flowers/fruiting positions). This combined nutritional intervention (CalJet + MicroJet / FloZib / FolChel) enhances the bud strength / viability, increase pollination (pollen tube growth, transfer of pollen into stigma) and helps reduce flower and fruit abortion.

CalJet application along with PentaMag helps the crop to withstand high heat conditions and increases the plant tolerance to heat stress.

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