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L-α amino acid based stress management product.

Celer is a specialized product providing easy to assimilate building blocks for protein synthesis. Amino acids are fundamental ingredients involved in the process of protein synthesis. Research has proven that foliar application of amino acids can influence the physiological activities of the plant. It improves plant vigor and helps to withstand stress conditions. Celer improves shelf life and yield of fruits and vegetables. Celer can also be used to improve the plant root system by basal application.

Celer is recommended as a foliar spray @ 250 grams per acre (100-200 Liter water). For plants expected to come under heavy stress due to drastic changes in weather conditions Celer is recommended as a foliar spray @ 1 Kg per acre (100-200 Liter water). Celer can also be applied for roots under severe stress along with RootStim @ 250 grams in 200 Liter water.

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