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Alkaline bordaux compatible EDTA chelated micronutrient

FolChel is a specialty foliar nutrition product that is specifically formulated to be compatible with alkaline bordeaux mixture. Folchel is a EDTA chelated nutrient formulation along with amino acids and foliar surfactants. Using Folchel along with your bordeaux spray enhances the efficacy by ensuring better foliar coverage.

How can FolChel be compatible with alkaline bordeaux?
Coffee board recommends that bordeaux mixture prepared should be alkaline in nature (pH 9 to 10) for maximum efficacy.* Alkaline bordeaux mixture has several beneficial effects such as good retention of foliage,slow weathering of copper from spray deposit, prolonged persistence and increased yield.*

FolChel EDTA chelates are the most stable chelates in alkaline pH. To be effective EDTA salts need to be used with suitable surfactants.

The non-ionic surfactant Surfact-V available along with FolChel helps in nutrient uptake. FolChel is recommended at 150 gm in 200 L water.

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