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Fortress Plus
Nutritional elicitor based biotic and abiotic stress management product.

Fortress Plus is recommended for root zone application to pathogen stressed plants after 15 days of a curative treatment. Fortress Plus contains elicitors that activate the plant defense system. Fortress Plus enhances SAR (Systemic Acquired Resistance) response to pests and diseases. It also helps the plant by reducing its water demand in dry soils.

Fortress Plus improves the quality of fruit and grain by strengthening the cell structures and enhancing disease resistance. Silica has an important role in plant nutrition and helps the plant to strengthen itself by accumulating around the epidermis of leaves, stems, shoots and roots. Silica stabilise the cell wall and enhances plants tolerance to stress.

Calcium enhances the levels of proline and glycine betaine, reducing oxidative damage and assists in protecting cellular plasma membranes. Calcium is also involved in ABA (absicic acid) induced stomatal closure as ABA is produced in response to drought, wounding, high temperature conditions, etc. When plants get infected, they respond by manufacturing salicylic acid. Salicylic acid initiates the SAR (Systemic Acquired Resistance) response to pests and diseases. Calcium plays an important role in intitiating SAR response by binding to a protein called calmodulin that prompts the plants to synthesize salicylic acid.

Fortress Plus assists the plants to establish a healthier root system when applied as soil drenching. It also assists in faster recovery of the plants when used 15 days after the curative fungicide treatment for soil borne diseases like Fusarium sp, Verticillium sp, Phytophthora sp.Increased resistance against different fungal diseases after silica treatment is well documented all over the world. Fortress plus also helps plant withstand extreme weather conditions like drought and heat.
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