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Concentrated microbial consortia for sustainable agriculture.

GetSet is a concentrated microbial consortia based on the naturally occuring soil organism Bacillus sp., unmodified genetically (non-GMO) and classified as Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS).

GetSet can be applied either as soil amendment or as foliar. GetSet helps the plant to withstand biotic (pest and diseases) stress and also helps the plant to tolerate abiotic (drought, heat, salinity, etc) stress.

When GetSet is sprayed on the plant leaves it colonizes the leaf surface resulting in pre-emptive competitive exclusion of foliar plant pathogens. This colonization by GetSet's beneficial microbes is antogonistic to pathogens and reduces the likelihood of infection.

GetSet as seed treatment, soil application near the root zone, root dipping before transplanting helps the plant to inhibit the infection due to soil borne pathogens, enhances Induced Systemic Resistance (ISR) and improves root development.

GetSet is to be applied as a foliar spray at 150 gm in 150-200 L water/acre alone or in combination with Victus foliar nutritional products.

GetSet can be applied as a soil drench at 150 gm in 200 L water near root zone or as a root dip before transplanting or seed soaking before planting at 5 gm in 1 L water (soak the seeds for 20-30 min). For best results in seed treatment and root dip use in combination with NutriGel Emergence S1 and/or Root Shield.

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