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Initiate Crop Starter (S2)
Starter formulation to be applied within the first 25 days after emergence and is useful in maximizing the plant’s yield potential.

The most critical stage is maximizing plant's yield potential is the first 25 days. Victus nutritional program is focussed on maximizing nutrient availability and plant health during this critical stage.

Our crop growth stage specific products like NutriGel Emergence (S1), a seed nutrition product applied as a seed treatment before sowing and Initiate Crop Starter (S2), a foliar application product applied just after emergence provides the plant with optimum nutrition for a healthy start.

Nutritional products when combined with concentrated microbial products like RootShield (seed treatment, seed bed preparation, transplant root dip and root zone soil drenching) and and GetSet (foliar and soil application) enhances the pest and disease resistance and improves plant health.

RootStim is another specialty root zone product that can be used during seed bed preparation, root dip before transplanting and root zone soil drenching for better establishment and root growth.

Root establishment and plant vigor is enhanced when Initiate Crop Starter is applied as a foliar spray between 3 to 6 leaf stage of the plant just after emergence (15-25 days) or 10 days after transplanting. Apply Initiate Crop Starter @ 250 ml/acre. 3 to 5 ml per liter of water - 50 ml per tank (10 to 16 liter tank). Water volume at 50 Litre per acre is sufficient to cover foliage at this stage.
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