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Foliar fertilizer for managing high temperature stress.

PentaMag is specially formulated for helping plants withstand high heat conditions by maintaining critical nutrients required during higher temperatures and drought like conditions. PentaMag is a combination of Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, Zinc, Boron along with aminoacids and foliar surfactant.

Central atom in chlorophyll is magnesium similar to the hemoglobin structure where the central atom of hemoglobin is iron. Magnesium has a big role as the central building block in chlorophyll and is important for chlorophyll stabilization and biosynthesis. Plants under high light conditions have a higher physiological requirement for Magnesium. Zinc is associated with the formation of chlorophyll. It is involved in several enzyme systems and is essential for protein synthesis.

Magnesium, potassium, zinc and boron is needed for proper movement of sugars from leaves to the grains and fruits of the plant. Calcium enhances the levels of proline and glycine betaine, reducing oxidative damage and assists in protecting cellular plasma membranes. Calcium is also involved in ABA (absicic acid) induced stomatal closure as ABA is produced in response to drought and high temperature conditions.Foliar spray of PentaMag and CalJet helps plant withstand high temperature stress.

PentaMag is recommended at 1 L per acre in 150-200 L water along with CalJet at 500 gm in 150-200 L water/acre for best results under very high temperature conditions. Foliar spray for plants under heat stress condition is recommended to be delivered in the evening.

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