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Non-Ionic Surfactants in Agriculture
Water is important for agriculture – its properties determine the distribution and effectiveness of foliar spray. By understanding the natural properties of water and the symptoms of water-related problems - poor spreading, lower adhesion and excess run-off, you can enhance the effectiveness of your spray solution by using superior surfactants like UltraWet or Surfact-V.
Surfactants The primary purpose of any foliar surfactant technology is to reduce the surface tension of the spray solution to allow more intimate contact between the spray droplet and surface.
Surfactants Stickers enhance adhesion to the leaf surface without significant reduction in contact angle and improvement of spreading characteristics.
Surfactants Surface tension is a measure of the surface energy in terms of force measured in dynes/cm. Water has a surface tension of 73 dynes/cm. Surfactants lower the surface tension of water to that of an oil or solvent, which spreads more readily than water. Leaves generally have a thin waxy coating and exhibit hydrophobic properties resulting in high contact angle for water droplets. Surfactants can reduce the contact angle of spray droplets due to surface tension reduction resulting in more contact with the leaf surface.