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Soil conditioner for adjusting the soil pH to optimum. Available in two variations each specific for acidic and alkaline soils.

TeraCare is a soil conditioner that supplies the secondary nutrients calcium, magenesium and sulphur. Calcium has two positive charges and acts as a bridge between negatively charged clay particles, encouraging the soil to clump together rather than disperse in soil water. Magnesium occurs in chlorophyll and is also an activator of enzymes. Sulphur increases plant’s resistance to disease, drought and insect damage. TeraCare helps to neutralize soil acidity. TeraCare stimulates root growth and penetration. It improves the availability of essential nutrients resulting in enhanced yield. We recommend TeraCare to be used along with TeraBase for optimum performance. TeraCare is recommended at the rate of 100 to 200 kg per acre as soil application depending on the soil status.

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