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Non-ionic foliar surfactant with superior wetting properties for agriculture.

UltraWet lowers the surface tension more than any conventional non-ionic surfactants. It can be used to lower the spray volume and also lower active ingredient usage rates. It results in enhanced coverage over the leaf surface and increases plant penetration. It has shorter uptake time resulting in reduced rainfall degradation during rainy season.

To visualize the spreading effect of UltraWet we recommend you to place a drop of water on a leaf surface and add a small droplet of Ultrawet to the water drop. The spreading also results in penetration of the foliar spray into the leaf. Soil pesticides can be made more effective by using UltraWet. UltraWet is recommended at a rate of 2.5 ml per spray tank (10-16 liters tank capacity) with most insecticides or fungicides for foliar spray application and 50 ml in 200 liters water for soil application along with pesticides as root zone soil drench.

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